Quiz: Only an Expert Can Name All of These Tools Needed When Working On An Engine. Can You?
Only an Expert Can Name All of These Tools Needed When Working On An Engine. Can You?
By: Craig
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Have you ever owned a fix-it car? You know the type. Just when you get the headlights aligned, the oil pan cracks. Just when you get the spark plugs gapped properly, the carburetor clogs. If you've had this kind of car, this quiz will probably be a snap for you!

The internal combustion engine revolutionized the world early in the 20th century when Henry Ford started rolling Model Ts off his production line. Of course, those early cars were pretty easy to work on, since no one had yet gotten the bright idea of slapping a bunch of emission controls, fuel injectors, and computer chips of all sizes and types on the system.  As long as the fuel ignited properly and the driveshaft turned, you could pretty much get where you needed to go, and not much could go wrong that couldn't be fixed on the side of the road.

Today, of course, things have changed. The driver's seat of today's cars looks more like the cockpit of a Colonial Viper from "Battlestar Galactica" than your dad's old Dodge Challenger.  What's under the hood has gotten similarly advanced, and the variety of tools needed to work on modern engines can be dizzying. Think you can identify them all?  Get on your crawler, put this quiz up on lifts, and test your tool identification ability!

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