Quiz: Only an Expert Knows What All of These Car Acronyms Stand For. Do You?
Only an Expert Knows What All of These Car Acronyms Stand For. Do You?
By: John Miller
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Like all high-tech industries, the automotive world is crammed with acronyms from ARC to ZEV and everything in between. Some of those acronyms are common among mechanic and drivers, while others are specific to certain manufacturers. Do you think you’re car-savvy enough to spin through our automotive acronym quiz?

Most car acronyms are shorthand that quickly convey information about a car system or model. Others are meant primarily as a fancy badge or system intended for marketing purposes – because every advertising executive knows that John Doe can’t pass up a red car with “XXR3” emblazoned on the rear hatch. Do you know which acronyms are for engineering purposes, and those that are just frills?

There are thousands of acronyms in the car world. From A/T to LFP to MAF, as well as BHP and MSM and CLS, there are simply too many for most people to remember. Sure, you know what the VIN is, but how about MSVA? (It’s magnetic steering variable assist, by the way).

Whether you’re a racecar junkie or just a daily commuter, these acronyms could come in hand someday. Check your OBD (onboard diagnostics) and let’s go for a ride – our car acronym quiz just hit the green light!

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