Quiz: Only Baby Boomers Will Remember All the Rules to These Classic Board Games
Only Baby Boomers Will Remember All the Rules to These Classic Board Games
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Before the days of Netlflix and the internet, families in cabins huddled together near campfires to survive, singing songs and clapping their hands for entertainment. Along the way, they started playing board games to pass the time, hoping they’d survive the long winter to see another spring. It was then that Monopoly was invented, and shortly afterward, divorce. In this argument-provoking quiz, what do you really know about the rules of classic board games?

Baby boomers, especially, were weaned on board games. Games like Yahtzee, Sorry! and Mouse Trap weren’t just an idle pastime – they were worth playing for hours and hours on long evenings and weekends. The thing is, a lot of families and friends didn’t really read the rules until the competition got fierce. 

If you were cornered and on the verge of losing, you might try to fudge a little on the rules … until you got caught. Do you know the real rules of the following games or are you still stuck on the ones you made up as you went along?

We’ll cover some of the big classics in the board game universe, everything from Battleship to Chutes & Ladders and Life. Roll the dice and draw your cards in this board game rules quiz now!

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