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How many parts are in a sentence?

There are two parts to a sentence; the subject and the predicate. The subject is the person or thing described, and the predicate is the action.

Sentences can be broken down into ____ .

Sentences can be broken down into clauses. There are independent and subordinate clauses.

A phrase does not have ______ .

A group of two or more words that don’t have a subject or predicate makes a phrase. For example, “The silly girl” is a phrase.

A noun describes a _____ .

A noun describes a person, place, thing, event, idea and so on. Nouns can function as subjects or objects.

What describes a noun?

An adjective describes a noun. There are attributive and predicative adjectives.

“Good” is a _____ adjective.

“Good” is a qualitative adjective. So are “bad,” “happy,” or “blue.”

“My” is a _____ adjective.

“My” is a possessive adjective. So are “thy,” “his” and “her.”

“Which” is a/an ____ adjective.

“Which is a relative and interrogative adjective. So are “what” and “whatever.”

“One” is a _____ adjective.

“One” is a numeral adjective. So are the words “single,” and “double.”

“A”, “an”, and “the” are ______ .

“A”, “an”, and “the” are articles. They’re immensely important in the English language.

“The” is a ____ article.

“The” is a definite article. It points out a particular object or class.

“A” is an ____ article.

“A” is an indefinite article. It points out an object, but not any particular thing.

Which of these is a kind of verb?

All three of these are kinds of verbs. There are only three kinds of verbs in the English language.

Transitive verbs are carried across to a _____ .

Transitive verbs are carried across to a receiver. For instance, “Bill grows potatoes.” What does Bill grow? Potatoes.

Intransitive verbs involve no _____ .

Intransitive verbs involve no receiver. For instance, “The weed grows.”

How many voices do English verbs have?

English verbs have two voices. These include active and passive voices.

With an active voice verb, the subject ____ the action.

With an active voice verb, the subject performs the action. For instance, “Sally threw the ball.”

With a passive voice verb, the subject _____ the action.

With a passive voice verb, the subject receives the action. For instance, “The ball was thrown to Sally.”

How many verb moods are there?

The English language has 4 verb moods. These include indicative, imperative, subjunctive and infinitive.

Which of these is a verb tense?

Past, present and future are the most simple verb tenses. That being said, there are six in total.

Other verb tenses include ______ .

Perfect, pluperfect and future perfect are the remaining verb tenses. These are formed with have, has and had.

Adverbs are used to _____ a verb, adjective or clause.

Adverbs are used to describe or modify a verb, adjective or clause. They can modify anything but nouns and pronouns. These are modified by adjectives.

Prepositions link nouns and _____ to other words.

Prepositions link nouns and pronouns to other words within a sentence. The words linked to are called objects.

Conjunctions _____ words.

Conjunctions join words or groups of words. There are two kinds of conjunctions; coordinating and subordinating.

An interjection expresses _____ .

An interjection expresses emotion. For instance, “Darn, I hate when that happens!” “Darn” is an interjection.

Detroit is a ____ noun.

Detroit is a proper noun. That’s because it’s a name of a specific thing.

Single: Mouse. Plural: ______ .

Single: Mouse. Plural: Mice. This is an irregular count noun.

Single: Child. Plural: _____ .

Single: Child. Plural: Children. This is another example of an irregular count noun.

“Of” is a ____ noun.

“Of” is a possessive noun. Mary, Queen of Scots is a great example of this.

A pronoun takes the place of a _____ .

A pronoun takes the place of a noun. For instance, “Mary thought she was late for work.” “She” is the pronoun. It is used so that you don’t have to repeat Mary’s name twice.

How many people in the world speak English?

840 million people speak English as a first or second language. It’s the second most spoken language in the world.

English actually originated in ______ .

English actually originated in northwest Germany and the Netherlands. Did you know that it was a Germanic language?

What’s the shortest grammatically correct sentence in English?

“Go!” is the shortest grammatically correct sentence in English. Use it when you can’t think of anything else to say.

How many English words are added to the dictionary each year?

Roughly 4,000 English words are added to the dictionary each year. Many of these are slang words that have become mainstream.

What is the most commonly used word in English?

Both “I” and “You” are the most common English words. 11% of the English language is just the letter “E.”

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