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Think you have what it takes to crush some of the trickiest riddles of all time? Riddles have been a popular way to entertain, pass time, and test people's wits for centuries. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are serious, but they always pose a question that is difficult to answer. There is always a trick, twist, or something that forces a riddle solver to truly think outside the box.   

Problem-solving and critical thinking are important things to be able to master, and riddles provide a fun way to exercise those mental muscles. Riddles have also been featured prominently in stories and folklore as a test for heroes to pass. This is because they provide a clever and concise way to test the mind. People have been fascinated by and with riddles for generations. They are featured in many world mythologies, as well as popular parts of western culture like "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter." The riddle has stood the test of time and is here to stay. 

If you are a riddle lover who thinks you have what it takes to crush some tricky brain teasers then put your mind to the ultimate test with this quiz! 

What dies when given water?

Fire will be put out if watered. This is why in this riddle it "dies."


This type of coat is always wet when put on.

Coats of paint are always wet when applied. They dry over time.


What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

A clock has a face and two hands which are used to tell time. However, it has no other body part named pieces.


Gia's father has five daughters: Alice, Stevie, Claire, and Diana. What is the fifth daughter's name?

If Gia's father has five daughters, then one of those daughters must be Gia. That is why she is the fifth daughter.


What word begins and ends with an 'E' but only has one letter?

An envelope begins and ends with "E." Usually, it only contains one letter, as in piece of mail.


Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?

The trick here is that "C" and "sea" are pronounced the same. This is why that letter "contains the most water."


What thing can only be used when it's broken?

Eggs must be cracked open before they can be eaten or used in recipes. This means they are more useful once broken.


Why would a man living in Denmark not be buried in Spain?

A man who is living in Denmark is still alive. That's why he could not be buried in Spain, or anywhere else for that matter.


Which month has 28 days?

While February has only 28 days, except in leap year, all months have at least 28 days. When it comes to riddles, it is important to read the question carefully.


Where does Friday come before Thursday?

Friday starts with an "F" and Thursday starts with a "T." This means that alphabetically, Friday does come first.


What ship has two mates, but no captain?

A relationship has two mates, but no captain. This means that two people are equal partners.


Brady throws a ball as hard as he can. It comes back to him, even though nothing and nobody touches it. How?

Brady threw the ball straight up and gravity sent it falling back down to him. This is why no one and nothing had to touch it for it to come back.


What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in 1000 years?

The answer is the letter M. It literally occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and is not used at all in 1000 years.


If an electric train is traveling south, which way is the smoke going?

Since the electric train is functional, there is no smoke at all. This is a trick question.


What goes up but never goes down?

Your age goes up, but never goes back down. This only reverses in the fictional story of Benjamin Button.


What has four legs but can't walk?

Most tables technically rest on four legs. However, they are inanimate, so they can't walk.


I sleep with my shoes on.

Horseshoes are put on and not removed until necessary. This is why the animals sleep with them on.


What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

People will use your name to address you, introduce you, or get your attention. Technically, they will use it more than you.


I don't have wings, but I can fly. I don’t have eyes, but I can cry! What am I?

Clouds move through the sky. They also produce rain, which is referred to as crying in this riddle.


I have no legs. I will never walk, but I always run. What am I?

Rivers are described as running, which is why this riddle makes sense. They literally also have no legs.


It has been around for millions of years, but it is no more than a month old. What is it?

This riddle refers to the cycle of the moon. It's journey from new moon to full moon takes a lunar month.


I never ask questions, but I am always answered. What am I?

Doorbells do not talk, so they do not ask questions. However, they are generally answered.


I am full of keys, but I will never open a door. What am I?

Pianos have many black and white keys. However, those keys do not open doors.


What can be broken without being touched or seen?

Silence cannot be touched or seen. It can, however, be broken.


What is tall when it is young and short when it is old?

Candles are tallest when they are fresh. They grow shorter and shorter the longer they are used.


What can you keep only after you have given it away?

Only after you have given your word away to someone by promising to do something, can you keep it by doing what you have said. This is a tricky one.


If I have it, I do not share it. If I share it, I no longer have it. What is it?

If you have a secret, you do not share it. However, once you share a secret, it is no longer a secret.


What is always coming but never arrives?

Tomorrow is always the next day. It can never arrive.


I have a neck but no head. What am I?

This riddle refers to the way that bottles are shaped. They are described as having a neck, but they have no head.


What can you catch, but never throw?

This riddle relates to phrasing. This is why you can catch a cold, but not throw one.


I have countless limbs, but cannot walk. What am I?

Trees have many branches. These are often referred to as limbs.


What can you serve but never eat?

In tennis, you can serve the ball. However, it is best not to try to eat it.


I am with poor people and rich people don’t have me. If you eat me, you die. What am I?

Nothing is the answer. Poor people have nothing, rich people do not, and if one eats nothing they will die.


What wears a jacket but no other clothing?

Books often have decorative sleeves called book jackets. Other than these, they have no other clothing.


I have a horn but do not honk.

Rhinos have horns. However, these horns are hard and made of keratin and do not make any noise.


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