Quiz: Only People With an IQ of 135+ Can Get a Perfect Score on This US Military Quiz! Can You?
Only People With an IQ of 135+ Can Get a Perfect Score on This US Military Quiz! Can You?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

In 1775, the Continental Army shakily took aim at the mighty British Empire in hopes of freeing the American colonies from imperial oppression. George Washington and his men had no idea what they were really getting into — but their ultimate triumph sealed the American Revolution and gave rise to formidable force. In our quiz, what do you really know about the United States military?

From the Revolution to the Spanish-American War to Vietnam, from Normandy to Tokyo, the country’s military has played a major role in history. In some cases, the military even kept America from fading into the ashes of history.

These days, the American military is a ridiculously powerful force, equipped with incredible technologies that allow the U.S. to dominate entire regions of the world. Its Air Force and drone capabilities, along with the Navy, mean America can project its influence anywhere in a matter of hours. What do you know about the nation’s military capabilities?

As if aircraft carriers, bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles weren’t enough, America also has plentiful numbers of special forces troops. These personnel undergo the toughest training anywhere in order to prepare for hostage situations and national emergencies of the worst kind. How much do you know about America’s special forces teams?

Ten hut! Spit shine those boots, snap to attention, and get ready to do battle with this incredible military quiz. We’ll find out if you’re cut out for combat action or if you should stick to cleaning out the latrines.

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