Quiz: Can You Pass This Difficult Knowledge Test?
Can You Pass This Difficult Knowledge Test?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Did you know that an IQ score of 130 is considered to be in the gifted range? It also means that one has a "very superior" quality of intelligence. Well, are you tempted to take a test to see if you're within that range? This quiz of ours will definitely help you with that! Ace it and you're in!

Studies show that 100 is the average IQ score in America. That falls somewhere in the middle of the normal range of 85 to 115 or 90 to 105, depending on which IQ classification system you follow. So someone with an IQ of 110 to 119 is on the high average scale, while someone in the 120s is within the superior range already. And anyone above 130, especially someone in the 140-plus range, is considered to be very gifted or highly advanced.

Regardless of where you fall in these IQ ranges, the general idea is that an average person could freely take this quiz and still ace it. Sometimes it all depends on the luck of the draw, since you can't really predict what kind of questions these quizzes will throw at you and how they will mesh with your personal knowledge base. So yes, wit and luck go together sometimes - and it doesn't take a genius to figure that out!

So do you want to see if you're Mensa-ready? Do you want to earn bragging rights? Take this quiz now and discover just how much you really know!

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