Quiz: Can You Ace This Quiz About Life In The '60s?
Can You Ace This Quiz About Life In The '60s?
By: John Miller
Image: State Archives of North Carolina

About This Quiz

A generation after the Second World War, the Sixties took hold in America and across the Western World. It wasn’t just another decade of the 20th century – it was an era that marked a dramatic shift in politics and culture the likes of which we may never see again in our lifetimes. Do you really know anything about the crazy 1960s? You don't have to have lived through them to know a good bit about them, since there are only about a zillion documentaries in existence.

After WWII, America settled into a period of tremendous growth and influence. But minorities and women were disillusioned and discontented with the status quo. Then, the protests began. There were marches in the streets around the nation, some of which turned violent. What do you know about the social unrest in the Civil Rights era?

From JFK to the Vietnam War, the ‘60s were a strange time to be an American. Conservatives fought to stop Communism – young hippies sought peace and free love. And the music, movies, and TV shows of this period were a reflection of how Americans saw themselves and their ideals.

Step back in time for this 1960s quiz! Let’s find out if you’re groovy or if you’re still part of the silent majority!

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