Quiz: Only Someone Who Never Missed a Day of Sunday School Can Ace This Bible Trivia Quiz
Only Someone Who Never Missed a Day of Sunday School Can Ace This Bible Trivia Quiz
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Sensus Fidelium

About This Quiz

The Bible is the most-sold, most-printed, and (one hopes, given those numbers) most-read book in the world. Indeed, like many bestsellers, the Bible is very often present in homes where it has never been opened - but pretty much everyone pretends they've read it. Fortunately, even people who have barely ever cracked its pages are broadly familiar with a number of stories from it. Whether you heard about it at church or another house of worship, at home, or simply by watching any of the seemingly endless movies adapted from its many tales, you probably have a baseline knowledge of stories like the Exodus, the parables of Jesus, Noah's Ark and the Creation story. You may take the Bible as gospel (so to speak) or you may view it as merely an important historical text, but either way, you can't fully escape it.

How well do you know this seminal text? Can you quote it chapter and verse, or do you get all those kings, judges and prophets mixed up? Could you rattle off the entire ancestry of King David, or do you only remember him from some movie that may or may not have starred Gregory Peck? Let's find out!

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