Quiz: Are You a Big Hockey Fan? Can You Ace This NHL Trivia Quiz?
Are You a Big Hockey Fan? Can You Ace This NHL Trivia Quiz?
By: John Miller
Image: pixabay

About This Quiz

More than a century ago, a new sports league formed in North America. Little did anyone know then that the National Hockey League would almost die – and then come roaring back, growing into one of the most exciting athletic organization on the planet. Since its inception, the NHL has featured one crazy season after another, giving rise to sports icons known around the world. In this icy quiz, what do you really know about the National Hockey League?

The NFL, MLB and NBA are the continent’s other three major sports leagues, and all of them have a distinctly American bent. The NHL, however, has often been dominated by Canadians, who use a popular youth hockey culture to grow some of the best players in history. What do you know about Canada’s role in the league’s development?

It’s no surprise, then, that some of the NHL’s biggest stars have Canadian roots. Guys like Wayne Gretsky and Gordie Howe were both from Canada, and they reeled in one championship after another. Can you recall other professional greats? And do you think you know the difference between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Montreal Canadiens?

Drop your gloves and take up the fight of this puck-filled quiz now! Let’s find out if you’re an NHL star, or whether you should just stay in the penalty box.

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