Quiz: Can You Correctly Capitalize the Sentences in This True Grammar Challenge?
Can You Correctly Capitalize the Sentences in This True Grammar Challenge?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

We're looking for proud, card-carrying members of the grammar police. If you're a grammar genius, you've come to the right place. We've prepared a quiz that will test your knowledge of proper capitalization. Can you get them all right?

Most people know it's a rule that you must capitalize the first word of every sentence, right? Well, we sure hope that you know at least that basic rule. But, assuming that you think you know more than that, we want you to know before you take this quiz that proper nouns can be tricky. The problem that many people have with proper nouns is that they often want to either capitalize words that do not need to be capitalized, or they fail to capitalize words that should be capitalized. For instance, you may know that the word "Greek" should be capitalized in the sentence "They all went to the Greek restaurant." But did you know that many people believe that the word "restaurant" also should be capitalized in that sentence? If you're a true grammar genius, you know that the word "restaurant" does NOT need to be capitalized in that sentence.

Are you ready to prove that you're a grammar genius? Let's get started.

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