Quiz: The Quiz for Harry Potter Fans Who Know Super Tiny Details
The Quiz for Harry Potter Fans Who Know Super Tiny Details
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a true Harry Potter fan? Did you read all of the books ... at least twice? Did you see all the movies the second they were released in theaters? Do you own your own copies of the movies on DVD or Blu-Ray so that you can binge watch them when you need a Harry Potter fix? Do you know Harry Potter and all of the characters in the books so well that you could describe them in your sleep? If you answered yes to any of these questions - or all of them if you are a true fan - then this is the quiz for you. Get ready to prove just how much you really know about even the most minute detail of Harry Potter and the wizarding world.

The Harry Potter books and movies are a complicated set of characters and scenes. The good news is that the author of the books, JK Rowling, has been rather forthcoming about details about the characters that may not have made it into those books and movies. After all, she couldn't include absolutely everything, or the books would be the size of dictionaries and the movies would be eight hours long.

How well do you know Harry Potter?

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