Order a Bunch of Food from Olive Garden and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

By: Teresa M.

Which appetizer would you order?

Would you order the Parmesan zucchini bites?

Which Olive Garden dip do you like most?

How many breadsticks could you eat in one sitting?

What kind of wine would you order with your Olive Garden food?

What is your favorite thing in the Olive Garden salad?

Which Olive Garden soup would you order?

Which of Olive Garden's traditional favorites sounds good for dinner tomorrow?

What type of pasta do you like most?

Which Olive Garden chicken dish do you like most?

Which Taste of the Mediterranean dish would you have for lunch tomorrow?

If the Olive Garden were closed, where would you eat instead?

What Tour of Italy item do you like most?

Which Olive Garden coffee drink would you end your meal with?

Which iced tea or lemonade would you try?

How many plates of salad to you eat during your average Olive Garden visit?

Which Olive Garden smoothie do you like better?

Which Olive Garden handcrafted drink could you have more than one of?

Which Olive Garden Catering choice would you order?

How do you feel about the Braised Beef & Tortellini?

Which side dish would you order to share with your table?

What would you purchase from Olive Garden's Italian Market?

Which Olive Garden dessert could you make a meal out of?

Who usually accompanies you to Olive Garden?

Which of Olive Garden's signature sauces could you eat with a spoon?

Which gluten-sensitive menu item would you try?

Which kids' entree would you order for the little one in your group?

Would you ever order a sundae at Olive Garden?

Would you ever give an Olive Garden gift card as a gift?

What Olive Garden dish do you crave most?

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Image: WikiCommons by Anthony92931

About This Quiz

Do you throw the need to be without garlic breath out the window when you eat at Olive Garden? To us, that can mean one of two things. First, you could be single and have no fear of kissing anyone later in the evening. Then again, it could mean that your spouse or partner will also be breathing garlic for the rest of the evening. We're pretty sure we'll be able to tell the difference by the things you order up at Olive Garden. 

If your idea of dinner is soup and breadsticks, you might be saving up for an engagement ring, or you could be living alone in such an expensive apartment that it's all you can afford. No matter if you eat light at Olive Garden or if you load up on all the carbs you would ever need, the things you order will give us a pretty accurate idea about how your love life is looking.

Go ahead and put on a bib before you start the quiz. You'll be so hungry by the time you finish, you'll grab the nearest person and head straight to Olive Garden. We'll take our best guess about just who you're grabbing! 

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