Order a Bunch of Food From Olive Garden and We'll Guess Your Strongest Personality Trait

Ian Fortey

Since we all know cheese makes everything better, what cheesy item is calling your name?

Has anyone ever gone to Olive Garden and not had breadsticks? How many can you eat?

You can actually get breadstick sandwiches at Olive Garden if a plain breadstick is no good. What kind would you have?

If a breadstick is too plain and a breadstick sandwich is too filling, maybe you just need to dip your breadstick in something. Which one would you pick?

You have several options if you want to eat unlimited something at Olive Garden. What will you choose?

Unlimited salad seems like a challenge. How much salad are you going to eat with your meal anyway?

The unlimited soup has a lot more variety than breadsticks or salad since there are four kinds. What kind of soup would you like?

Half of the fun of going to Olive Garden is crafting the perfect dish of pasta. What will you start with?

Your pasta is crying out for sauce! Which is the best kind?

A bowl of pasta with sauce is OK, but it could be better. What goes on top?

What's Olive Garden offering that you just can't ever make the same when you try at home?

Pasta isn't the only thing you can get at Olive Garden. If you want some chicken, what might you order?

If you need red meat, there's beef on the menu. Which one would you pick?

Maybe some shrimp are calling your name. What shrimp dish would you try?

Sometimes you just want some seafood to brighten your day. Which of these sounds best?

If you're an alfredo fan, you have a few choices at Olive Garden. Which one sounds best?

How much would you be willing to pay to have a never-ending pasta pass for a year that gives you all the pasta you can eat for 365 days?

Suppose you actually had a never-ending pasta pass. How often would you use it?

Pasta that's stuffed with something is always awesome. What stuffed pasta is best?

Parmesan cheese is a classic for any Italian dish. Which Parmesan dish is best?

No one doesn't like lasagna. What's the best lasagna variant?

If you're down for a little more authentic taste, try the Taste of the Mediterranean menu. What would you order?

If you're in the market for some veggie dishes, what might you order?

You like chocolate, right? What tasty chocolate dessert would you order?

On the off chance you don't like chocolate-forward desserts, you could always order a different dessert. Which one would you pick?

If you're not hungry for a huge dessert, you could always go for a Dolcini minis dessert. Which one would you pick?

Some folks prefer to drink their dessert. Which dessert cocktail would you pick?

If you like the sounds of a hand-crafted, non-alcoholic specialty drink, then pick one of these!

If you do want a drink with a little kick, you could try some sangria. Which of these sounds best?

There are a whole bunch of specialty cocktails if you're in the market for those. Which one would you pick?

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About This Quiz

Do you know why Olive Garden has been around since 1982? It's no accident, that's for sure. People like Olive Garden because it gives you what you want. Breadsticks until the cows come home, salad for days and soup as far as the eye can see. And that's just for starters. There's pasta and seafood and all kinds of other entrees that are hearty and filling and pretty decent overall. Some might complain that it's not authentic Italian but hey, is Olive Garden in Italy?  

Generally speaking, there seems to be a little bit of something for everyone at Olive Garden. It appeals to a wide range of people with a wide range of tastes. If you're an Olive Garden fan (and let's hope you are since you're here), then it definitely appeals to something in you.  But the question is what? And since we're asking questions, do you think it's possible to actually figure out something about your personality based on what you like at Olive Garden? We 100% think so.  In fact, we're pretty sure we can pick out your strongest personality trait based on Olive Garden alone! All you need to do is take the quiz and see for yourself!

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