Order a Bunch of Fried Food and We’ll Guess Where You’re From

Ian Fortey

Fried fish is a classic, but what's the best fish to fry?

A fried sandwich is a surefire way to make any sandwich that much better. What's the best kind?

What's the best fried thing to eat on a stick?

Potatoes are so much better when they're fried, and there are so many ways to fry them. What's your favorite kind?

Is there such a thing as fried pork that isn't good? What's the best fried pork dish?

Even vegetables can be deliciously unhealthy when they're fried. What's your favorite fried veggie dish?

Part of the appeal of fried food is that crispy crunch. What's your crunchy favorite?

There are endless ways to just fry dough. What's the best one?

Regardless of the kind of fish you're eating, how should it be prepared?

Besides America, what country has the best fried cuisine?

What fast food place makes the best French fries?

Fried food and cheese go together likes peas in a pod. What's the best cheesy, fried goodness?

Fried chicken may be the king of fried foods. What's the best form of fried chicken?

Chinese food is chock-full of fried delights. What do you like the most?

If you were going to enjoy something in tempura batter, what would it be?

State fairs have mastered frying desserts. What's the best dessert to fry up?

A fish fry is all fine and good, but let's not forget the shellfish! What's the best shellfish to fry up?

The best shape any food could ever come in is ball form. What's the ultimate fried ball of goodness?

Fair food vendors have mastered frying food that seems like it can't be fried. Is there one you like the most?

Italy can put together a good fried dish. What's your Italian favorite?

Eggs are delicious, so fried eggs are better, right? Pick one!

Mexican cuisine has some fantastic fried food items. Which one makes you the hungriest?

Potato chips are as tasty as can be. If you wanted to try some other kind of chips, what would they be?

Sometimes it's good to hit the fried carbs as a side dish. Which one of these sounds best?

If you're making a hearty breakfast, you're pretty much frying literally everything. Pick your fried breakfast treat?

You can deep fry any kind of comfort food if you really want to. Try one of these!

Fries are never just fries. What's the ultimate kind of fry?

When the holidays roll around, you'd better bust out the festive frying. What sounds tastiest?

"Chicken fried" is its own way of frying something up. Do you have a favorite chicken fried dish?

If you need fried chicken in a hurry, then you need fast food fried chicken. What restaurant are you going to?

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About This Quiz

The culinary world can be so cruel. Fried food is far and away the most delicious kind of food ever, and yet, at the same time, it's also the most unhealthy. Loaded with fat, sugar, salt and cholesterol, there's barely anything good about fried food beyond the taste. And the taste really makes up for it all. All of it and more. It's so good!

Fried food is so good it's actually been around since Ancient Egyptian times. When you fry up a tasty burger or some French fries, you're eating the way a Pharaoh did. Well, maybe not exactly the way they did, but you're in the ballpark. Our ancestors were on the ball enough to realize that hot oil makes everything better, and we've only improved on the methods since then. From regular pan frying we evolved to deep frying, and then we got to the point where it became clear there was literally no food item that couldn't be fried if you tried hard enough. From fried Mars bars to fried butter to fried ice cream, we live in an age when we have our pick of anything and everything. And with that in mind, why don't you pick your favorites right here, and we'll use nothing but your love of fried foods to guess where you come from. Sound impossible? Try us!

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