Quiz: Order at a Mexican Restaurant and We'll Guess Which Spanish Word Describes You
Order at a Mexican Restaurant and We'll Guess Which Spanish Word Describes You
By: Amanda Monell
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

In some grade schools, Spanish is taught not only to help create a dialog with people from another country, but it is also used to introduce children to the colorful and wondrous world of various Spanish speaking countries.  Even though it only scratches the surface, it usually helps students decide what foreign language to take in high school (if it were necessary).

While you were in class, were you the student who stumbled through translation and pronunciation, or were you a naturally fluent speaker?  Was your teacher the kind that insisted on a fully immersive experience, only accepting answer and questions in Espanol? Or were they more laid-back, providing pronunciation guidance in easy to digest pieces?

One place where it comes in handy to know some Spanish is when visiting your local Mexican restaurant. This haven of Taco Tuesdays, horchata, fresh guacamole, and margaritas is a portal into the world that is Mexican culture. Mariachi bands visit from table to table, rich tapestries and artwork hangs from the walls, and eating food from one of these restaurants is a wonderful way to step away from the everyday cuisine of the American diet. 

So get your taste buds ready for a culinary adventure and grab some nacho chips. It's time to find out which Spanish word describes your personality.

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