Order a Pizza and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are!

Zoe Samuel

Individual or shared?

Any meat on the pizza?

How long is too long to wait for a pizza?

Do you like chicken on your pizza?

How about red pepper?

How will you get your pizza?

Did you get any sides?

How many types of cheese is too many?

Do you often go to the same restaurant?

Stuffed crust: yay or nay?

What's your take on anchovies?

Do you have a "usual"?

Do you ask for cutlery if you don't get any?

What drink did you get?

How will you pay for the pizza?

What veggie is on your pizza?

Are you worried about where the ingredients came from?

Would you ever go for deep dish?

What shape is the pizza?

What's your position on garlic?

How health-conscious of a pizza did you get?

If the pizza order is wrong, what do you say?

Who do you like to eat pizza with?

Do you put the pizza on a plate or eat it out of the box?

How many slices are enough for you?

Would you eat white pizza?

Would you have half of the pizza with one topping and half with another topping?

Is Hawaiian pizza absurd?

Are caramelized onions a bridge too far?

Can you bear to eat pizza cold?

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About This Quiz

As the saying goes, "Even bad pizza is still pizza," just like even an only-OK Disney movie is still probably pretty darn magical. Pizza is one of those great dishes that pretty much everybody loves, and that gluten-free eaters can only look upon and sigh (until they discover the joys of buckwheat pizza!). 

Pizza can account for nearly any allergy; it can be vegan, and anyone can make one. If you really do fear the idea of sprinkling cheese on yourself, you can order one in or get yourself a pretty darn excellent frozen pizza that comes in a box and turns into a miracle right there in your oven.

While most of us might think of pizza and Disney as going together like chalk and cheese, what you put on that round Italian flatbread tells us something about you. Perhaps you're adventurous and always up for a surprise, changing your order every time you dine. Maybe you like it pretty vanilla, sticking to a white pizza or a Margherita if you're feeling really nutty. 

Maybe you're an exotic pizza fan, choosing to go for the caramelized onion and the goat's cheese over the traditional tomato and mozzarella. Whatever's on that pizza, it reveals who the inner princess is who'd gladly munch on it with you. Let's find out who she is!

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