Order Some Coffee and We'll Guess Which Time Period You Truly Belong In

Isadora Teich

Where would you rather get coffee from?

How do you like your coffee?

At restaurants, do you ever order after-dinner coffee?

When would you be more likely to order coffee?

At Starbucks, which would you rather have?

If you had to have something in your coffee, which would you choose?

Which of these classic coffees appeals to you more?

Would you ever order iced coffee?

Which flavor would you rather have?

What size coffee do you usually get from Starbucks?

Out of these Saxby's lattes, which would you rather drink?

Would you ever get one of Starbuck's non-caffeinated specialty Frappuccinos?

At Dunkin Donuts, which coffee drink would you be more likely to go for?

Which of these coffee chains would you rather order from?

What are your thoughts on iced coffee?

Are you a fan of lattes with floral flavors?

What kind of coffee do you prefer to drink?

Would you ever drink coffee from McDonald's?

Which of these drinks do you like best?

What kind of sweetener do you prefer in your coffee?

When do you enjoy iced coffee most?

Which of these drinks do you like the least?

How do you feel about espresso?

Which coffee chain is your least favorite?

Are you a fan of coffee cocktails?

You prefer the flavor combination of coffee and:

What notes do you prefer most in coffee?

How do you most prefer your coffee to be made?

Do you ever order coffee instead of food by accident?

On an average day, how much coffee do you drink?

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About This Quiz

Not everyone is a coffee drinker, but those who love their coffee really love their coffee. Some prefer sweet and sugary lattes or classic cappuccinos. Some people prefer lighter roasts, others dark roasts, and some people love to drink it without anything in it at all. Every coffee lover has their favorite and least favorite places to order from as well. Whether you only go to local small coffee houses on purpose, or they know you at your local Dunkin Donuts and already know what you are going to order, coffee is a necessity for you. 

If you are a true coffee lover who couldn't go without your caffeine fix for the day, put us to the test. Tell us when, where and how you take your coffee and we will guess what time period you belong in. Are you a caffeine lover who belongs in the ancient world, or are you a child of the Renaissance? Tell us whether you prefer Starbucks or Saxby's, and we will take a stab at nailing down which time period you truly belong in.  

See if your coffee order reveals some incredible secrets of your soul and which time period it would thrive in!    

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