Order Some Drinks at Starbucks and We'll Give You a US State to Move To

Ian Fortey

Starbucks can do amazing things with a Frappuccino. What kind sounds best to you?

There are plenty of Starbucks drinks that have gone the way of the dodo. Which forgotten drink would you like to bring back?

Love Starbucks or hate it, some drinks definitely get more press coverage than others. Which one of these noteworthy drinks sounds best?

When the holidays roll around, Starbucks rolls out the holiday drinks. Which one sounds most festive?

Sometimes your Starbucks order needs a boost of flavor. Which syrup perks up any drink?

You can get your coffee chilled out in several different ways. What cold coffee sounds most appealing?

What flavor of iced tea sounds like it would be the most appealing?

A little espresso will pick you right up; what's your espresso-based drink of choice?

Sometimes all you want is a cup of coffee. What's your go-to brew?

If you need an extra boost in your day, Starbucks has energy drinks. What flavor sounds like it'd be the best?

Starbucks has bottled protein drinks for when you feel like coffee and protein are the things you're missing. What kind do you want?

You can get a bottle of cold brew if you want it on the go for later. What kind would you order?

Maybe you need a bottle of tea before you leave Starbucks. Which Teavana tea sounds best?

Legend has it some people will order dozens and dozens of flavor shots. How many is too many for you?

What's your go-to size for a drink order from Starbucks?

You can get a hot drink at Starbucks that isn't necessarily a coffee. What would you like?

If you're a juice fan, there are bottled organic juices you can grab. What sounds tasty?

Starbucks Refreshers look like iced tea but they're made with juice and green coffee extract. What kind sounds best?

You might want some breakfast with your coffee in the morning. Which one would you pick?

Lattes aren't just for coffee drinks. You can get a tea latte! Which one do you want?

Have you ever bought some Starbucks coffee to brew yourself at home?

If you're counting calories, Starbucks has some options under 200 calories. What would you order?

If dairy isn't your friend, you always have some dairy-free options at Starbucks. What sounds best?

If you like yogurt, maybe you could pick your favorite yogurt item on the menu. Which one do you like?

What's the best way to top a drink at Starbucks?

If you want something super fresh from Starbucks, you could always order a salad. Which is the best one?

Starbucks is all about over-the-top Frappuccinos. Which of these crazy creations would you try?

A smoothie makes everything better. Which of these is the best kind?

If you're on the market for something chocolatey, what would you get?

What's the one flavor you'll try no matter what kind of food or drink Starbucks puts it in?

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Image: Photo by Min An from Pexels

About This Quiz

The more you go to Starbucks the more you'll notice that they really do change their menu a lot. Seasonal items show up and disappear as the year dictates, and they seem to be always trying new flavors and methods of putting together a new drink on the menu. That's on top of the million and one ways you can custom order a drink based on the normal stuff on the menu. It's a fickle thing, the Starbucks menu is. Always moving and changing, kind of like life itself. It's never good to stay stagnant and boring too long, after all.

Humans could learn a lot from the Starbucks menu. Change is good. New experiences, no sights, and sounds, and tastes are always important. Maybe it's time for you to experience a change. Maybe you need to be like a Pumpkin Spice Latte and just move on when the time is right. Have you ever considered it? Why not take inspiration from Starbucks and pick your favorites from this quiz? When you're all done, we'll recommend the new plot of land you should be looking at, a whole new state for you to move to and call home. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Kind of like cinnamon dusted on your whipped cream. Pack your bags and take the quiz now!

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