Quiz: The Ultimate Organize Your Living Room Quiz
The Ultimate Organize Your Living Room Quiz
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A great way to breathe new life into your living room without spending lots of money is to rearrange the furniture. But few things are more frustrating than rearranging everything and then discovering that the new layout doesn't really work for your purposes. Take this quiz to see how many organizing tips you know.

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What should you focus on in designing a living room that will make your family feel welcome?

By creating a cozy environment in which to interact with each other, the proper furniture arrangement can make your living room feel as welcoming as you'd like it to be.

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What is the first thing you should do when planning to rearrange your furniture?

Mapping the room will make the rest of your task easier for yourself. Measure the room and draw it all out on graph paper.

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What should you leave out of your initial diagram of the room you want to rearrange?

Anything that would affect the layout, such as windows, doors and fireplaces, must be on the layout. There is no need, however, to draw in the current layout of furniture.

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How can you indicate on your room diagram an area of the room that you would like to use for a specific purpose?

You don't need to be too exact yet, since you don't know for sure what furniture pieces will help you get the desired effect. But a circle will give you a general idea of the space it will take.

By starting with one piece of furniture in a place that you don't think you want it, your mind may be opened to possibilities you didn't think of.

Before you can decide how you should place your furniture, figure out what you plan to use the room for. Then you can figure out one or more areas within the space to meet these needs.

If your furniture is easy to move, you can plan a temporary layout that you will use just during parties and then return the furniture to its original placement afterward.

Placing chairs and sofas against walls can limit your design flexibility and create larger than necessary open spaces in the middle of the room.

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At least how much space should you allow for traffic lanes in your living room?

Obviously, you need to allow space for people to walk around the furniture in your living room. But you also don't need to leave giant gaps between the pieces.

You don't need to buy a wall unit that is specifically designed to be an entertainment unit. By taking furniture you have already and repurposing it, you can get the same purpose for less money.

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