Quiz: The Ultimate Organizing Wrapping Paper Supplies Quiz
The Ultimate Organizing Wrapping Paper Supplies Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Almost everyone owns wrapping paper supplies, such as scissors, tape and a roll of wrapping paper. Many people, however, do not have a good system for organizing their wrapping supplies. Things can get especially unruly during the holiday season, when you're a gift wrapping machine. Take this quiz and learn how to organize your wrapping paper supplies.

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What causes wrapping paper clutter?
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What is a benefit of organizing your wrapping paper supplies?
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How can organizing your wrapping paper supplies save you money?
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How much more trash do people throw away between Thanksgiving and New Years?
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What are good reusable materials for wrapping gifts?
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What is an environmentally friendly way to decorate a gift?
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What is the first thing you should do when organizing your wrapping supplies?
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What should you do once you've gathered all of your wrapping supplies?
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What tool should you buy for exclusive wrapping paper use?
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What should you do once you've thrown away unwanted wrapping paper items?
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What should you do while creating an inventory of your wrapping supplies?
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How should you store wrapping paper scraps?
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What type of wrapping paper can be used for different occasions?
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How should you sort your wrapping paper?
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What can you do with wrinkled or ripped wrapping paper?
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How should you organize your wrapping paper supplies?
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What is a great way to store your wrapping paper supplies if you wrap items frequently throughout the year?
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What storage item is great for storing wrapping paper?
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