Quiz: Outdoor Allergy Quiz
Outdoor Allergy Quiz
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About This Quiz

Outdoor allergies, predominantly caused by pollen exposure, can make a nice spring or summer day seem dark and miserable. Take our quiz to learn about the outdoor allergies that affect millions of Americans each year.

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When is the best time to be outdoors to avoid pollen exposure?
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How can you reduce pollen inside your home?
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What indoor air contaminants can worsen pollen related allergy symptoms?
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During the summer months, how do you reduce pollen exposure inside your home?
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What should you wear when the pollen count is high?
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Which outdoor activity stirs up pollen?
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Where should you plan your vacation if you suffer from pollen-related allergies?
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What kind of pollen is likely to produce allergies?
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What is the most likely source of allergy producing pollen?
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When does grass release its pollen?
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A high-pollen-producing tree in your backyard could increase your pollen exposure by ________ times, compared to the same tree being planted down the street from your home.
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What type of shrubs do not produce pollen?
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Which of the following are consider to be “allergy-free” plants?
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Which holistic therapy has be shown to improve allergy symptoms?
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How reliable are the claims that honey is beneficial for treating seasonal allergies?
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Eating honey to treat seasonal allergies is thought to be akin to ___________.
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How much honey should you ingest to benefit from its therapeutic allergy fighting effects?
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