Quiz: The Ultimate Outdoor Design Quiz
The Ultimate Outdoor Design Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Your garden can and should reflect how you feel about your home. Knowing the basics of outdoor living design can help you create the perfect harmony between your indoor and outdoor settings. Before you begin to plan your living spaces, take our quiz and see if you've got the basic knowledge needed to create that outdoor oasis for you and your family.

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What basic design principle should you follow when designing your home's outdoor living space?
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Which theme should you choose for your outdoor living space?
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What's a good way to get ideas for designing your outdoor living space?
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Which area of your outdoor living space should be located nearest the house?
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What should be the focus of your backyard design?
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Paved surfaces with patterns can be tricky to work out. What is the simplest pattern to choose when using bricks?
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Which type of plant will grow best in your garden?
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How can you incorporate water effects into your garden design?
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How can you improve the soil conditions of your outdoor site?
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