Quiz: The Ultimate Owl Quiz
The Ultimate Owl Quiz
By: Staff
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The owl is surrounded by myth and mystery, some of it ominous, some of it symbolizing wisdom and prudence. Take this quiz to delve deeper into what makes this creature so fascinating.

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What Greek goddess was associated with the owl?
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According to legend what announced the death of Julius Caesar?
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What is the symbolism of an owl in Hindu culture?
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What is it that allows owls to fly quietly?
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How can engineers modify an aircraft based on the anatomy of the owl?
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What economic benefit do researchers hope for from studying the owl?
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Where is the Quiet Aircraft Technology project being carried out?
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What is the frequency which the owl's down absorbs to prevent being heard by its prey?
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In what recent popular movie does the owl appear?
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Where does the Jung Owl live?
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