Quiz: What paint color goes with my couch?
What paint color goes with my couch?
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Couches are major players in home habitats -- often, they're the largest piece of furniture in a room. As such, they're definitely worth considering when you start revamping interior paint schemes. But how can you tell if you're on the right track in picking out the best shades of paint to accent your couch? Try this quiz to find out if you can trust your inner designer.

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When considering couch and wall color combinations, what should you use to guide your initial approach?
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TRUE OR FALSE: A neutral colored sofa goes great with any paint color on the walls.
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Patterned couches should be set against a wall that's painted what color?
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Couches in cool tones, such as light blue or silver, can give a room an airy feeling if paired with which of the following wall colors?
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Which of the following is typically NOT a good match for a sofa made from a textured material, such as leather?
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TRUE OR FALSE: Red sofas should be avoided, because they are difficult to integrate into any room, regardless of the paint scheme.
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Which of the following pairs are NOT complementary colors?
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Painting just one wall of a room -- such as the wall behind your couch -- in a certain color creates which of the following?
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TRUE OR FALSE: A good approach to picking a paint color is looking for the closest match to your couch color on a paint chip that comes in a strip, then choosing one of the tones above or below it as your wall color.
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