Painting Brake Calipers Quiz


Paint on calipers needs to be able to withstand:

When painting brake calipers, it is important to use paint that is able to withstand high temperatures. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

Is it possible to paint calipers while they are still attached to brake discs?

Many people paint the calipers while they're still attached to the brake discs. However, this raises the risk of getting paint on other parts of the brake -- or on the car's body. If you leave the calipers on, remember that in every project a little paint winds up where you don't expect it. Allow extra time and materials for masking. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

What is the "hard-core" method for painting brake calipers?

The hard-core method entails removing the calipers from the car. Because this approach is more complicated, some people opt not to do it. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

If you are removing calipers, you will need:

If you're removing the calipers, you'll need a way to suspend the calipers without putting any weight or stress on the brake line, a ratchet to remove the brake calipers and a way to drain the brakes. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

What is a good product for removing paint spills?

Acetone (fingernail polish remover) is great for cleaning up spills. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

How long do you need to wait before driving your car after painting the calipers?

You won't be able to drive the car for 24 hours after painting the brake calipers, so plan well. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

What is a good tool for removing debris from calipers?

A wire brush is great for removing major debris from calipers. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

How many coats should you plan on applying when painting your calipers?

You're going to put on multiple coats, so this first one doesn't have to be perfect. Don't let the paint pool anywhere, but don't worry about tiny bubbles or blemishes. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

How long should you let the first coat of paint dry?

Let the first coat dry for about 15 to 20 minutes. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

Aside form the number of coats you apply, what affects drying time?

How much time the paint will need to dry depends on the temperature and humidity, as well as how many coats you put on. <a href="">How to Paint Brake Calipers</a>

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