Gosh!: Are You an Annoying Parent?

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At what age did Mark Twain realize his dad was pretty bright after all?

Mark Twain came to his senses early in adulthood. For some grown children it takes longer.

Having an awareness of the traits teens despise can help you do what?

You can't avoid every problem, but you can reduce the conflicts and make life a little easier on yourself.

True or False: The best thing you, as a parent, can do is wait until your teenager grows up and matures.

Patience goes a long way, but you also need to adapt in the meantime.

Drinking, drugs and what else is more pervasive than ever?

Gambling is even more pervasive now than when you were a kid. Sex also happens younger.

True or False: The adolescent struggles of yesteryear are pretty much the same as today.

If you act as though your generation is the same as your teen's generation, you're likely to lose some credibility in his or her eyes.

This is one thing that both Aretha Franklin and your teenager want:

If you give your teen a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t, he or she may just try to earn some more.

True or False: It's fair to say that a teenager is like a wild horse that needs to be broken.

If you ride your teenager -- no pun intended -- about every mistake, he or she may become even more wild.

What should you give a teenager so he can learn and make mistakes?

A little leeway is something your teen will appreciate. This doesn't mean, however, that he wants you to eliminate all the rules.

True or False: If you compare your teen to his siblings or his friends, you'll create a competitive atmosphere that will propel him to greatness.

Comparisons tend to make a teen feel resentful, hurt and insecure.

Teens hate tardiness, but what specific kind of tardiness?

Teenagers tend to dislike it when a parent suddenly decides to use parenting skills after years of letting them run free.

True or False: If you're a tardy parent, you might as well continue to stay out of the picture.

It might be tougher to earn the respect of your child if you're tardy -- but better late than never.

From time to time, it's good to highlight your teen's:

Of course, if those grades are among his or her strengths, then go ahead and highlight them, too!

Telling your teen that he's just a kid will make him feel like he's stuck in what?

It's hard to grow up when someone keeps telling you you're a child. You feel stuck in time.

Mark Twain wrote that when he was 14 his father was what?

He was so ignorant, in fact, Twain could hardly stand to have the old man around.

How many years did it take for Mark Twain's father to wise-up?

It took seven years for Twain and his father to see eye to eye, but your child may recognize your wisdom earlier or later. Adulthood, in general, usually brings them around.

True or False: You can't really walk alongside your child during the teenage years.

You can walk alongside your child during these challenging times if you're willing to tweak your approach.

When you step into a teenager's world, it's not unlike stepping into:

Like a minefield, you have to be careful where to step -- it could be uneventful or disastrous.

If you want to undermine and minimize your teenager, tell her she's got what?

She may not have a full-time job and a mortgage, but being a teenager isn't easy.

True or False: If you understand the traits a teen despises, then you'll be able to eliminate conflicts.

You can reduce conflicts but you won't eliminate them. We're not miracle workers, people!

True or False: Always remember, your teenage struggles are a mirror image of what your kid is going through.

You may be able to relate to your child's struggles -- and he or she will probably appreciate it if you do -- but it's also important to realize that times have changed.

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