Quiz: The Ultimate Foods That Lower Cholesterol Quiz Part II
The Ultimate Foods That Lower Cholesterol Quiz Part II
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Continue learning about the vast array of foods that help lower cholesterol. Take this quiz to find out how olive oil, plant sterols, psyllium and whole grains lower cholesterol and contribute to better health. Discover some more controversial supplements that claim to lower cholesterol, such as flaxseed, guggul, lecithin and policosanol.

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There is a lower incidence of heart disease in Mediterranean countries compared to America. What is the difference in Mediterranean eating habits that contributes to better heart health?
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How much olive oil should you consume per day to lower your risk of heart disease?
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Besides reducing cholesterol levels, how else does olive oil benefit health?
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How many calories are there in one tablespoon of olive oil?
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How do plant sterols and stanols contribute to cholesterol health?
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What is the recommended daily intake of plant sterols and stanols for lowering cholesterol?
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What food products typically contain psyllium?
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How much psyllium should you eat per day to reduce your LDL cholesterol?
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Which of the following are whole grains?
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What heart healthy component can be found in flaxseed?
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What foods, besides flaxseed, are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)?
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How much can you lower your risk of heart disease by consuming the recommended daily amount of flaxseed (1.8 grams for women and 1.4 grams for men)?
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Policosanol is a mixture of various compounds and is found in:
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What is the recommended daily intake of policosanol for lowering cholesterol?
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