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You can shake a party up with a theme, whether you're celebrating someone turning a year older or hosting a formal dinner party for charity. But the real question is, how much do you know about using a theme to craft the ultimate party?

A menu consisting of bite-sized foods would be appropriate for which party theme?

Tapas are small, Spanish-style foods that are similar to appetizers, so a tapas party would definitely feature bite-sized fare.


Which of these themes is the best for a Sweet 16 party?

Since Oktoberfest and nightclub-themed events are more for adults, a nostalgia-themed party where guests dress up in fashions from their childhood is more appropriate for 16-year-olds.


What is another name for a couples-themed shower, hosted for both the bride and groom?

A Jack and Jill shower is for both the bride and groom, and they are both present and honored at the event.


What theme is probably NOT best for a kids’ event?

Since small children aren’t usually aware of former fads and fashions, an event focusing on past decades might be confusing for them.


Lingerie might be a theme for which event?

A bride-to-be's bachelorette party often includes a shower where she receives lingerie to wear on her honeymoon.


True or false: Guests’ ages should be considered when choosing an event theme.

Depending on the event, there may be activities that go with a theme that are inappropriate for certain age groups, such as gambling.


Bangers and mash is an entrée that could be served at a dinner party with which theme?

Bangers and mash -- sausages and potatoes -- is a traditional Irish entrée sometimes served at parties celebrating St. Patrick's Day.


A reunion for the class of 1985 might pay homage to their graduation year using which party theme?

A theme paying homage to past decades -- specifically, in this case, the 1980s -- would make a great choice for a class reunion party.


Which of the following themes would be the most appropriate for a Quinceañera?

A Quinceañera occurs on a girl's 15th birthday and is celebrated in many Hispanic cultures. Since casino- and lingerie-themed parties are for adults, a luau would be a more appropriate party theme for teenagers.


What should be considered before choosing a wedding reception theme?

Consider the venue before choosing a wedding reception theme; the venue often dictates how formal or casual an event will be.


A king cake is a dessert appropriate for which themed event?

Believed to have originated in the 12th century in France, a king cake is a dessert common at parties celebrating Mardi Gras.


What should be decided before choosing a New Year’s Eve party theme?

Decide whether or not the event will be casual or formal before choosing a venue or party menu.


Why is it helpful to theme a bridal shower event?

The theme ties into the gifts that the bride will receive. For example, gifts like bakeware, cookware and kitchen appliances will be given at a kitchen-themed bridal shower.


Personal photos from the past is a great décor idea for which themed event?

Adding old photos of guests to an event themed around a previous decade is a great way to add a personal touch to party décor.


True or false: A Roaring '20s theme works best for an indoor event.

Even though guests are likely to dress in semiformal wear for a 1920s-themed event, this party could be held indoors or outdoors.


What themed event should always be held outdoors?

Certain garden and beach elements can be brought indoors for a themed event, but a petting zoo is probably best held outside!


A highball is a cocktail likely to be served at which themed event?

A highball, made with bourbon and craft ginger beer, is a cocktail that was popular in the 1920s during prohibition.


Which theme could work for a formal party?

Nothing says glitz and glamor like the Academy Awards, so throw a formal party and watch the show!


Serving utensils might be absent from a dinner party with which theme?

The fork had yet to be invented in the days of Medieval feasts, and even royalty ate with their hands!


What party theme can be tweaked to suit both adults and children?

A country-western event can include elements that can entertain children, adults or both! Casinos are all about gambling, and 1920s parties tend to focus on the then-illegal cocktails that were popular during Prohibition.


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