Quiz: Can You Identify These Patterns in Under 6 Minutes?
Can You Identify These Patterns in Under 6 Minutes?
By: Craig
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Patterns are everywhere and can be used for just about anything! Patterns are an excellent way to jazz up any space. Mix and match, or repeat the same pattern, the choice is yours! Different patterns are used in clothing for different seasons and occasions. For example, a pinstripe suit or dress is perfect for a Summer soiree while a plaid poncho or button-down is perfect for crisp Fall days. Circle patterns and florals are currently trending as 2018's patterns of choice, but popular patterns change over time. Geometric and fan shapes were the epitome of snazzy during the Art Deco period, florals and gingham were favorites among 1940's home decorators, 1960's designers craved polka-dots while hippies loved their tye-dye, and the designers of the 1980's adored color blocking. Patterns can also depend on age. For examples, flowers for little girls are always in as are polka-dots and stripes. What are your favorite patterns? Have they changed over time or remained the same?

If you love clothes, interior design, or art, chances are you know your patterns! Take a look around you. How many patterns do you see? Can you identify them by name? How long does it take you? Think you could identify the patterns in this quiz at lightning speed? Prove it and then challenge your friends!

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