Quiz: The Ultimate Perch Fishing Quiz
The Ultimate Perch Fishing Quiz
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The freshwater perch is probably the most abundant fish in North America and a favorite among anglers. Improve your chances of a good catch by taking this quiz.

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How many species of freshwater perch are there?

There are 165 species.

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What is another name for yellow perch?

They are also known as lake perch.

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What is the reason for the popularity of the perch on the dinner table?

The tasty firm meat of the perch has made it popular main course.

It can weigh up to 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms).

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When is perch fishing season?

Since perch feed all year round, they can be fished all year round.

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Of all the species of perch, how many can actually serve as meals?

Of the 165 species, 150 are too small to be eaten and so 15 species are available.

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What determines the feeding areas of the perch?

The bait fish seek plants and the perch follow to feed on them.

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Where do the larger perch congregate?

They tend to congregate in deeper waters.

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What kind of perch will you usually catch fishing from shore?

You will usually catch the smaller perch that swim in the shallower waters.

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What characteristic of the perch can you exploit to catch more perch?

They are curious and will often follow a hooked friend. Many anglers bait as many rods as legally permissible to catch the onlookers.

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Where do perch tend to hang out in deep waters?

They gather near submerged objects.

Use of sound waves will detect underwater objects such as the bottom of the lake and fish .

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Not at all, they are not fussy eaters.

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Because the perch have small mouths, the lure should be small and lightweight.

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What type of line is recommended for perch fishing?

The light monofilament line (4- to 8-pound test) is usually recommended.

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What type of lure is best for trolling?

The heavier leadheads (1/8 ounce) are most commonly used for trolling.

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What kind of reel consists of a metal circle that is punctuated with evenly spaced holes?

That is the distinctive appearance of a fly fishing reel.

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What kind of lures are best for fly fishing?

Poppers and flies are used for fly fishing.

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It should be 7 to 8 feet (2.1 to 2.4 meters) long.

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The lighter fly fishing rods enable the angler to feel subtle hits from the fish as it nibbles at the bait.

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