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How long does a perennial flower live?

A perennial flower is a plant that lives more than two years.

Which language is used to name perennial flowers?

Perennial flowers, like most plants, have common names and scientific names. They are given scientific names of both genus and species in Latin. This scientific naming system is known as binomial nomenclature.

What is the common name of the <i>Osteospermum barberae</i> perennial flower?

African daisies are native to South Africa.

Which genus does the perennial Peruvian day lily belong to?

<i>Alstroemeria</i> is named after the European who discovered them in the mountains of Peru, Baron Clas Alstromer.

True or false: The scientific name of baby's breath is <i>Bellis perennis</i>.

<i>Gypsophila tenuifolia</i> is the scientific name of the perennial flower known as baby's breath.

What is the common name of <i>Lobelia cardinalis</i>?

The cardinal flower is a bright red wildflower.

What is the common name of <i>Adenium obesum</i>?

The desert rose is a succulent native to eastern and southwestern Africa as well as the Arabian Peninsula.

What is the scientific name of the coneflower?

<i>E. angustifolia</i>, the coneflower, is used as a popular herbal supplement to fight the common cold.

What is the common name of the perennial with the scientific name <i>Chaenomeles speciosa</i>?

The flowering quince is a deciduous shrub that produces yellow-green fruits.

The perennial flower with the scientific name of <i>Solidago velutina</i> is commonly called what?

The threenerve goldenrod blooms yellow and attracts butterflies.

What is the scientific name of the flowering perennial vine commonly known as honeysuckle?

<i>L. periclymenum</i>, or honeysuckle, has an edible nectar.

What is the scientific name of the spring starflower?

<i>I. uniflorum</i> is a native perennial of South America known for its star-shaped white or blue-violet flowers.

What is the common name of the <i>Jasminum polyanthum</i> perennial?

Pink jasmine is a twining plant.

What is the scientific name of the perennial known as red-hot poker, torch lily and occasionally tritoma?

<i>K. uvaria</i>, aka red-hot poker, is a South African plant with red, red-orange or yellow flowers.

The aquatic perennial<i> Nelumbo nucifera</i> is a sacred flower for Buddhists, but what is its common name?

The lotus is a sacred symbol to Buddhists and is the national flower of India.

True or false: Magnolias are pollinated primarily by beetles.

Beetles are attracted to the nectar and pollen of the magnolia when the flowers begin to bloom. These beetles are the magnolia's primary pollinators because bees, flies and other insects typically arrive when the flowers are past the point of pollination.

All parts of this flowering perennial plant are toxic to humans and animals if ingested.

The oleander is toxic to humans and animals if ingested. It's found on the West Coast and in most Southern states.

This perennial wildflower, with the scientific name <i>Leucanthemum vulgare</i>, is considered a noxious weed and prohibited in several states.

The oxeye daisy is considered an invasive noxious weed and prohibited in many Midwestern states.

Which holiday perennial flower was named after the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico?

Poinsettias were named after Joel Poinsett, the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico. The perennials were first discovered in Mexico and introduced to the United States by Poinsett in 1828.

What is the scientific name of the perennial flower commonly called queen's cup?

The genus of the plant is named after the naturalist and former governor of New York, DeWitt Clinton. The species name, uniflora, means "one flower."

The <i>Rudbeckia hirta </i>is a golden perennial flower with a dark brown-purple center. Do you know its common name?

Black-eyed Susans are native to the central United States.

Which of the following is NOT another common name of the perennial flower known as showy colchicum?

The perennial flowers known as showy colchicum are also commonly called naked ladies and meadow saffron but not ladies of the meadow.

What is the scientific name of the black-flecked, bright orange perennial flower commonly called the tiger lily?

<i>L. tigrinum</i>, or the tiger lily, blooms orange and is native to parts of Asia.

<i>Uva ursi</i> is the species name for a perennial used by Native Americans to treat bladder infections. What is the common name of the plant?

Native Americans used the bearberry as a remedy for bladder infections and kidney problems for hundreds of years.

What is the common name of the perennial<i> Viola sororia</i>, which is the New Jersey state flower?

The common meadow violet is also the state flower of Rhode Island, Illinois and Wisconsin.

What is the scientific name of the perennial flower commonly known as whirling butterflies?

<i>G. lindheimeri</i> gets its common name from the way its flowers dance in the wind.

What is the common name of the perennial flower <i>Xerochrysum bracteatum</i>?

The strawflower is also called the "everlasting flower" and is native to Australia.

True or false: The flowering perennial Tecoma stans, commonly known as yellow bells, is native to the northern U.S. and Canada.

Tecoma stans is native to the southern U.S., Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and the Caribbean.

What is the common name of the perennial flower <i>Zenobia pulverulenta</i>?

The honeycup is native to a limited range from northeastern Georgia to southeastern Virginia.

<i>Zephyranthes</i> is the genus of which commonly named flowering perennial?

The rain lily is native to the southeastern United States, Central America and South America.

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