Quiz: The Ultimate Pet Insurance Quiz
The Ultimate Pet Insurance Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Some people may think that pet insurance is a waste of money, but it could save your pet's life. Take this quiz to learn more about the costs of pet insurance policies and how they work.

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In what year was the first pet insurance policy issued?
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How much money did Americans spend on pet health care in 2006?
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What is the average cost of owning a dog per year?
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What is the average monthly cost of insuring a dog?
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Once you are insured, _______ of your veterinary cost will be covered.
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What percentage of Americans have pet insurance?
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What type of animal can be insured?
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Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) are the biggest and oldest pet insurance company. What percentage of the market do they own?
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What is the maximum annual benefit you can get from the VPI Superior Plan?
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If your pet has _____ it will be difficult to find an insurance policy that will cover them.
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Which of the following animals will cost the most to insure?
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At what age will pets cost you higher insurance premiums?
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Which of the following foods could cost you dearly if you own a dog?
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What is the first thing you should consider when looking for a pet insurance policy?
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How might you get a discount off your health insurance policy?
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Where can you find out if the company you are choosing to insure your pet with is reliable?
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