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Will you be able to resurrect your knowledge of "Pet Sematary" and master our quiz? Let's see if you can bring your memories of this creepy tale back to life.

Which author wrote the novel "Pet Sematary"?

King was inspired to write the book while living in Orrington, Maine. His daughter's cat was struck and killed by a passing truck, and he buried the cat in a real-life pet cemetery in the woods behind his house.


What year was the novel "Pet Sematary" published?

"Pet Sematary" was published on Nov. 14, 1983.


Which "Pet Sematary" character asks, "Has anyone ever buried a person up there?"

In the "Pet Sematary" movie, character Louis Creed is discussing the mysterious burial grounds with his neighbor when he asks this.


Which family is featured in the novel "Pet Sematary"?

The Creed family includes Louis and Rachel and their two children, Ellie and Gage.


True or false: The Stephen King novel "Pet Sematary" was made into a feature film.

The movie "Pet Sematary" was the first screenplay that King adapted from one of his own novels.


What city is the setting for the novel "Pet Sematary"?

While there is a real-life city named Ludlow in Maine, the city in the novel is a fictional version located in a different part of the state.


What year was the "Pet Sematary" movie released?

"Pet Sematary" was released in the U.S. on April 21, 1989 and received mixed reviews.


What is the Creed family cat's name in "Pet Sematary"?

Church plays a crucial role in "Pet Sematary." Seven blue British shorthair cats were used during the filming of the movie. Each cat was trained for a specific on-camera task.


How does Church the cat die in "Pet Sematary"?

In the novel, Church is hit and killed by a truck on a roadway.


Which member of the Creed family is hit by a truck and killed in "Pet Sematary"?

Gage Creed was the debut role for the actor Miko Hughes, who was only 2 years old when filming began.


Which punk band wrote and performed the song "Pet Sematary," which is featured during the film's closing credits?

Stephen King references several Ramones songs in the novel "Pet Sematary."


Which leading character does actor Dale Midkiff play in the feature film?

Actor Dale Midkiff plays the leading character Louis Creed in the movie "Pet Sematary."


The cemetery is on the burial grounds of which Native American tribe?

The greater Micmac Nation is comprised of 29 bands throughout southeastern Canada and the northeastern U.S., including more than 1,200 tribe members in northern Maine.


How many copies of the novel "Pet Sematary" were sold during its first year in print?

The novel "Pet Sematary" sold 657,000 hardback copies during its first year in print.


Where did the Creed family live before moving to Maine in the novel "Pet Sematary"?

The Creed family lived in Chicago before moving to Maine.


What is Louis Creed's profession in the novel?

Creed is a doctor and the head of a university infirmary.


True or false: Stephen King wrote the novel "Pet Sematary" and set it aside for several years before submitting it to a publisher.

When Stephen King finished the manuscript for "Pet Sematary," his wife and a friend read it — and hated it. King set the novel aside and only submitted it years later to resolve a dispute with his former publisher, Doubleday.


Which actor plays the role of Jud Crandall in the movie?

Gwynne is known for his role as Herman Munster in the television sitcom "The Munsters." Gwynne had to dye his hair white for his role on "Pet Sematary."


Which "Pet Sematary" movie character says, "The barrier was not meant to be crossed. The ground is sour"?

The character Victor Pascow is warning Louis about the cemetery.


What is the correct spelling of the second word in "Pet Sematary"?

Cemetery is the correct spelling of the second word in the title "Pet Sematary." King purposely misspelled the title — as a young child might — because in his novel, the children of the town maintain the cemetery.


Who plays Rachel Creed in the movie?

Crosby also acted in "Star Trek: The Next Generation."


Which title character from a different Stephen King novel is referenced in the story "Pet Sematary"?

Jud references Cujo when he mentions a dog in a nearby town that went mad and killed four people.


Who plays Ellie Creed in the movie?

Beau and Blaze Berdahl are twins.


Which highway is located in front of the Creed family home in the novel?

Route 15 is the busy highway that is located in front of the Creed family home.


Which character is Louis Creed's former patient?

Pascow was jogging when he was hit by a car. He died while being treated by Louis Creed at the university hospital and then returned as a spirit determined to warn Louis of the dangers of the Micmac burial grounds.


Who kills Rachel Creed in the novel?

Gage Creed kills his mother, Rachel. Gage had been exhumed and reburied in the Micmac burial grounds by his father and came back as an altered and evil being.


Which character in the movie says, "Well, sometimes dead is better"?

Jud warns Louis about the evil in the cemetery.


True or false: Near the end of the novel, an evil and reanimated Gage kills Louis.

Louis is forced to kill a resurrected version of his son, who has turned evil.


In the closing scene of the movie, which character returns to the Creed house after being buried?

Rachel returns to the Creed house after being buried in the pet cemetery by Louis.


Who is the only member of the Creed family to survive?

Ellie is the only member of the Creed family to survive in "Pet Sematary."


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