Quiz: Pets and Car Window Safety Quiz
Pets and Car Window Safety Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

When driving with your pet, you might be tempted to let it hang its head out the window for a little fresh air, but is this safe? Test your knowledge on why this practice is dangerous with this quiz.

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Allowing your pet to hang its head out the window of a moving car is:
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Allowing your dog to ride with its head out the window puts its eyes at risk to possible:
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What are the soft ear flaps on your dog called?
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What does repeated flapping of the pinnae cause?
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Falling out of a car can easily cause a dog:
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Why is the bed of pickup truck especially dangerous for dogs on a hot day?
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Repeated trauma of the pinnae can cause:
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The best way to transport your dog in a vehicle is with:
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The best place for your dog to ride in a vehicle is:
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