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PEZ Quiz
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Everybody has his or her favorite PEZ dispenser, whether it's Chewbacca or Batman. But how much do you know about the plastic figurines and the candy in them? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

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PEZ was invented in what country in 1927?
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What was the original intended purpose of PEZ candies?
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When was PEZ candy introduced in the United States?
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Which of these was in the first series of PEZ dispensers introduced in the United States in the 1950s?
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Who was the first licensed cartoon character to appear on a PEZ dispenser?
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When did PEZ introduce interchangeable rubber-head dispensers?
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When were feet added to the bottoms of PEZ dispensers?
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Where was the first PEZ collectors' convention held?
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When was the first auction featuring PEZ dispensers held at Christie's in New York?
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Which avian cartoon character appeared on a PEZ dispenser that figured into the plot of a 1993 "Seinfeld" episode?
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Which business magazine featured PEZ on the cover in 1993?
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What is the most popular assortment of licensed characters in PEZ history?
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Which new genre of PEZ dispensers was introduced in 2000?
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In what year were sour-flavored PEZ introduced?
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When was the first official Elvis PEZ dispenser released?
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Characters from what classic film were commemorated with PEZ dispensers in 2009?
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Which of these is not a PEZ flavor?
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Where is the Museum of PEZ Memorabilia located?
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What year was the Yappy Dog PEZ dispenser introduced?
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Which of these British Royals was featured on a PEZ dispenser?
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