Quiz: Can You Pick the Five-Letter Word That Matches Each Definition?
Can You Pick the Five-Letter Word That Matches Each Definition?
By: Amanda Monell
Image: Esthermm / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

For many of us bibliophiles, one of the best days of our young lives was library day.  Whether this was with your parents or your school, both of the beginnings of this journey were the same.  You were expected to remain quiet as you were escorted from the classroom or your home to the library, your equivalent of heaven.  However, on more than one occasion, we're betting that the excitement probably got to you and your noise levels were rewarded with a trip back to the class or home.  

One of the many milestones in reading is the step up from the picture book to the coveted chapter book, which usually takes many trips to the library and being told, "No."  When you eventually convinced the adults that you were ready, you were inundated by the number of chapter books and the new topics that you could explore.  Today, you're probably an ace at word jumbles, a champion of crosswords, or a book is one of your constant companions.

If any of this sounds familiar, we have got a quiz for you.  Just like the chapter books of your youth, we have developed a quiz with five-letter words.  So do you think you can match the correct definition to the word?  One way to find out!

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