Quiz: Pick From These Baby Names and We'll Tell You Which Disney Character You Are
Pick From These Baby Names and We'll Tell You Which Disney Character You Are
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Walt Disney Studios

About This Quiz

Do you remember the very first time you saw a Disney movie? It doesn't even matter what movie it was, it probably made an impression and just swept you up in a style and story that no other film studio has ever managed to really match.  There really is something magical about Disney.  The characters they have brought to life are iconic.  From old-school favorites like Cinderella and Bambi to all of the great Pixar characters in films like "Monsters, Inc." and "Toy Story," it's really hard to choose one single favorite.  It's actually a lot like naming a baby.  How do you choose? What qualities are you looking for? What are you trying to represent?  Are you interested in tradition? Something memorable? Something that conveys meaning?  

We're all in the same boat here, so have no worries.  In fact, we can do you a solid right here.  We'll toss some baby names out and you pick which ones you think are best.  We'll use that information to then scientifically and accurately determine which Disney character matches you to a T.  And hey, if the end result is that you end up naming a baby Pumbaa, then so be it.  We'll all have succeeded quite well here.

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