Quiz: Pick Out a New Wardrobe and We'll Tell You How Stylish You Are!
Pick Out a New Wardrobe and We'll Tell You How Stylish You Are!
By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

Are you one of those people who loves shopping? It doesn't matter if it's online or you love walking into a store - if you love shopping, this just may be the quiz for you. You see, we want you to go on an imaginary shopping spree and pick out a whole new wardrobe. Choose your favorite jeans, shoes, dresses, tops, tees and even makeup. In return, we're going to tell you how stylish you really are. 

Will our quiz say that you're too stylish? You know, one those people whose fashion choices are so out there and avant-garde that the everyday person can't understand them? Will you be pretty stylish or somewhat stylish? The kind of person who can throw an outfit together and make it look good without trying too hard? 

Or do you need lots of help? If you're the kind of person who can't even match your socks or you think that neon orange and neon green go great with red lipstick, this may be you. 

So, if you want to find out what your selections will reveal to us, take this quiz. Will you be really stylish or in need of some help? Let's find out!

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