Quiz: Pick Some Baby Names and We'll Predict How Many Kids You'll Have!
Pick Some Baby Names and We'll Predict How Many Kids You'll Have!
By: Zoe Samuel
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Who doesn't love children? Well, quite a lot of us, as it happens, but most of us do, and even those who don't generally love children as a whole tend to know a few little humans who make their heart melt. Children are just small people, after all, and some of them are lovely while others are, less so. Fortunately, nearly everyone loves their own children with the fire of a thousand suns.

Other than the gift of life, the first great gift you give to your child is their name. That's why it's very important to get it right. In some cultures, you name children after a living relative. In others, you choose a deceased one. Still, others prefer to come up with something new or to name the baby based on your hopes or dreams, or something they express early on that gives you a clue who they will become. In some cultures, such as the Jewish faith, it's not considered traditional to give a child a name until their naming ceremony, meaning having one picked out in advance is a little bit cheeky, but everyone who might see themselves becoming a parent has a few names floating around their noggin, just in case. Tell us about yours, and we'll see what size brood you're likely to have!

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What name would you give a baby whose conception took over a year?

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Do you want to name your kids with the same initials?

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Do you have any family names you want to use?

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What thing should a baby never be named after?

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When should you assign a baby's name?

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Do you like gender-neutral names?

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Which variant of the name below suits you best?

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Besides your fellow parent, anyone else going to have input into your baby's name?

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Do you like the idea of a name that harks back to your ancestors?

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Do you believe in nominative determinism, that is, the idea that your name shapes your destiny?

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Would you ever name a child something that was traditionally not given to a baby of their gender?

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Which variant of the name below suits you best?

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Do you fear mixing up your kids' names?

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Do you think you could name the top ten most popular baby names?

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