Pick Some Celebrities to Fight and We'll Guess Your Greatest Trait

Raj Chander

They are part of what might be the most annoying genre of music ever invented. Which of these famous boy band members would you want to fight?

Just because they lead the most powerful country in the world doesn't mean they don't deserve a good right hook. Which US president would you throw down with?

We see them in some of the world's biggest films, but that doesn't make them any less annoying. Which of these actors would you square up with?

They all seem to wear an obnoxious amount of jewelry and love telling you how rich they are. If you had to pick, which rapper would you challenge in a brawl?

Before you pick more celebs to fight, an important detail: If you could square up in any location in the world, where would it be?

Baby boomers love the genre, but classic rockers are well known for their jerk-like antics. Which old-school rock star would you like to beat up?

Some of them are the most high-maintenance, self-absorbed people in the world. Which of these actresses would you have a catfight with?

Their obnoxious demeanor is matched only by their muscles. They may have size on you, but which of these NFL players would you most want to hit?

They might have lots of power, but people on either side of the aisle would tell you they're also the biggest jerks in the country. Which politician do you want to take down?

If you were going to be in a celebrity fight, what would be your first move?

They've made some classic love songs, but they're also easy to hate. Which famous R&B group would you clash with?

The only thing that goes higher than their vertical leap is their egos. Which basketball player would you want to fight?

It could be argued that their entire "careers" stemmed from Kim's adult video. Which of these Kardashians do you most want to beat down?

Most of them seem to be smug, arrogant and confident that their app or product is the best on the market. Which tech CEO would you most like to punch?

Not all fights are one-on-one. If you had an ally in your celebrity fight, who would it be?

They make tasty dishes, but punching one of them would be mighty delicious. Which celebrity chef would you bring down?

They're known for being some of the most arrogant, egotistical celebs around, but they get a pass because they can carry a tune. Which rock frontman would you have fisticuffs with?

Celebs do lots of horrible things that would ruin most of us — instead, they just seem to get richer. Which trait would make you want to fight a celebrity the most?

They might be associated with being cool, but many were straight jerks. Which jazz artist would you like to sock?

What indicator would you look for as a sign that your celebrity fight is finished?

Golfers are known for looking down on people who don't fit their mold. After winning a fight with them, which celebrity golfer would you want to look down on?

Lights, camera ... right hook! Which well-known movie directer would you lay into?

You've got to be prepared for battle. What kind of outfit would you wear for your celebrity fight?

Though they've created beautiful works, they've also created a lot of stress and drama for a lot of people. Which famous artist would you want to fight?

Not all fights involve fists alone. If you were going to have a weapon in a celebrity fight, what would you choose?

Sure, they might help their city out from time to time, but many of them are also "super" arrogant. Which superhero would you take on?

They're great with their feet, but might not have the hands to keep up with you. Which annoying soccer player would you challenge to a duel?

If anyone has a reputation for deserving a swift smack, it's these R&B divas. Which of these diva faces do you want to rearrange?

So many people love TV shows while hating the people in them. Which famous TV celeb do you want to fight?

They ramble about tractors, horses and old town roads. Which country star would you bring the smack-down to?

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About This Quiz

Country star Brad Paisley once sang, "Cause when you're a celebrity / it's adios reality / you can act just like a fool / people think you're cool / just 'cause you're on TV."

Whether you like country or not, Paisley croons a pretty accurate summary of what life is like as a celebrity. Sex tapes, infidelity, drunken debauchery ... it seems like you can get away with almost anything when you are famous. As long as you keep starring in those episodes or putting out those hits, people aren't really going to judge you for your personal indiscretions.

But now you're here to put an end to this double standard. It's time for the celebs of the world — or at least of this quiz — to swallow a bitter dose of reality. It's time for them to be brought to justice for all their lying, cheating and manipulation, of their peers and the public at large. And if you can learn a bit about yourself in the process of dishing out celebrity punishments, well, all the better.

Whether your blood boils at the sound of the latest pop single, or you are irked to no end by that selfie posted by the hot new social media influencer, the celebrity you most want to hit says a lot about who you are. Choose the celebs on this list you'd most like to knock out and we'll show you your best characteristic.

Hit the questions below and start round 1 of the fight! 

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