Pick Some Foods and We'll Guess What % Good and What % Evil You Are

Teresa McGlothlin

Which vegetable would you choose to accompany your entree?

What are you more likely to order at Taco Bell?

What kind of cake makes you happiest?

What tastes best on the grill?

What would you top a sundae with?

What do you prefer on toast?

Which condiment could you never live without?

What is the best breakfast side dish?

Which beverage quenches your thirst?

Which soul food side would you double?

Which citrus fruit do you like the least?

Which snack food would you keep at your desk?

Which Indian dish would you order for lunch?

Which sushi roll would you order?

What kind of cheese suits your fancy?

What would you add to a salad?

What kind of yogurt do you prefer?

What kind of juice makes the best cocktail?

Which spice do you cook with most?

What chewy treat sounds tastiest?

Which exotic food would you like to try?

What seafood do you crave?

Do you prefer red or white wine?

What kind of bread makes the best sandwich?

Which holiday pie could you eat whole?

Which game meat would you enjoy trying?

What kind of melon is nicest?

Do you prefer hot tea or sweet tea?

What would you top hash browns with?

What kind of pasta shell do you use most?

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About This Quiz

You can't have cookies without milk, and you can't have mac without cheese. Just like the world's best food duos, you cannot have good without having a little bad. As you build your ideal plates of food during this quiz, your choices will tell us exactly what percent good and what percent bad you really are! 

How is it possible that choosing a bunch of foods could give away your evil streak? Although they say that you are what you eat, we don't see food as being bad at all. Sure, some of them are not exactly the most responsible choices you could make, but it's not the food itself that will give you away. It's the whole of all the foods you put together! 

As we eat our way through this smorgasbord of a quiz, read our questions carefully. Then, choose the food that you like, dislike, or would like to try the most. Not only do we think you'll have a blast choosing your favorite foods, but we also think you'll find the relation to your good and bad sides quite fascinating. 

Are you more good than bad, or will your love of food betray you? Tell us what you like, and we'll take it from there!

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