Pick Some Outfits and We’ll Guess How Much of a Risk-Taker You Are

Emily Maggrett

In your opinion, who's the best-dressed female movie star of all time?

If you wanted to look fancy but comfortable, which pair of shoes would you reach for?

First date time! You've been flirting with this guy on Tinder for a while. What do you wear for your meet-cute?

Poll: should women over 40 wear short skirts?

It's your first day at a new job. How will you ensure that you make a good impression?

You're going to a barbecue. If it weren't for the risk of sauce stains or grass stains, this would be the ideal occasion for trotting out your new white blouse. Do you dare to wear it anyway?

How many tattoos do you have?

It's Sunday, and you're going to church. How do you deck yourself out?

You're going to a party where you don't know anyone but the host. Will you try to blend in or stand out?

You and your new sweetie are hitting up a cocktail party tonight, and you want to knock 'em dead. What's your look?

How do you feel about off-the-shoulder tops?

Would you ever wear black lipstick?

Your BFF is getting married. What do you wear to the reception?

Your 70-year-old grandmother wants to dye her hair deep purple. Do you support her or no?

Are open-toed shoes appropriate for the office?

Sheer dresses: yea or nay?

Your boss invites you over to dinner at his home. Quick, what's your clothing strategy for the occasion?

Let's say you're in Europe, on your honeymoon. Your partner wants to go to a nude beach. What do you say?

Planning on dressing up for Halloween this year? What are you going as?

Jumpsuits: how many do you own?

When it comes to high heels, how high is too high?

While window shopping, you see an incredible hot pink couch on sale. Your mom thinks it's way too weird, but it's perfect for your apartment. Do you buy it?

Have you ever shaved your head?

It's your 10-year high school reunion tonight. Do you plan to stun your old classmates?

Over the course of your life, how many times have you colored your hair?

Who's your favorite fashion designer?

Would you ever sport a mesh shirt, or do you think they're tacky?

How many outfits would you pack if you were going away for a long weekend?

Let's say you need to buy a new winter coat. Which style do you pick?

You're meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time. What do you put on?

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About This Quiz

How much of a risk-taker are you? Do you talk to strangers and feel confident when visiting new cities? If someone offers you an opportunity you're not quite qualified for, do you leap at it or shy away? Do you welcome change, or is it your greatest enemy?

Whether you're the kind of person who adores the thrill of trying something you're not good at or the type of gal who shudders at the very word "unpredictable," this quiz is for you. We're going to ask you how you'd dress for various occasions, such as a first date, dinner with your boss and a 10-year high school reunion. We also want to know what you think of certain trends, such as the "cold shoulder" look, half-shaved hair and mesh shirts.

Your answers to these questions will tell us a lot about what your approach to risk is. It might sound funny, but there's a significant correlation between your willingness to wear gauchos in public and your other choices, such as whether you work for yourself or an established company, whether you enjoy travel, how open you are to dating people who are different from you and more. Think we're making some big assumptions? Prove us wrong: take this quiz!

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