Pick Some Outfits and We'll Guess If You're an Introvert or Extrovert

Haiden Steingass

What type of outer layer would you wear for meeting a friend?

What style of hat would you wear?

What is one accessory you wear with every outfit?

What are your go-to pants to wear?

You're a guest at a wedding in September. What do you wear?

What's your go-to outfit in the spring?

What kind of pants go best with a hoodie?

You're going to meet a friend for coffee. What would you wear?

What is your go-to style?

What color of socks do you wear with your jeans?

You're heading out for a night on the town. How would you dress?

You're heading to the gym. What kind of style would you rock?

What color dominates your wardrobe?

What shoes would you NEVER wear?

What cold-weather clothes will you not leave the house without?

If you tie a flannel around your waist, what colors would the flannel be?

What color will your nail polish be?

What do you wear all the time in the winter?

What about your perfect summer attire?

How about a Beyonce concert?

If you were going to a pool party, what would you wear?

What outfit would you wear for New Year's Eve?

You're running late for work in the morning. What is the first thing you'd throw on?

What would you wear to a country concert?

If you were going to a holiday party, what would you wear?

You're on a "Netflix and chill" date. What do you wear?

What would be a killer outfit for an interview?

What wash of jeans do you wear?

If you were going to a winery in the summer, what would you wear?

What's your ideal fall outfit?

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About This Quiz

Introverts and extroverts could not be more different in the way they think, interact with people, and live their lives. According to Learning Mind, "Alone time allows introverts to disconnect from the world and reset their focus, and this is absolutely crucial for their survival." But for extroverts, "(They) feel fully fulfilled and content being surrounded by people. Social environments with larger crowds stimulate extroverts their share of energy." 

Regardless of which one you are, you are probably aware of it if you ever pay attention to how you feel when you spend a lot of time around others. Are you the life of the party, or are you sipping something quietly in the corner with a few close friends nearby? Your taste in clothes might actually be a reflection of your personality. 

But don't think conservative and introvert are one and the same! You'd be surprised by what homebodies dream up in their closets before embracing the outside world. And extroverts, just because you love a good party does not mean your fashion sense is as wild and people-pleasing as you might be. Either way, it is time to find out. Pick some outfits, and we will guess if you are an introvert or an extrovert. 

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