Pick Your Favorite Candies and We'll Guess Which Region of the United States You Belong In

Teresa M.

Do you prefer Smarties or Necco wafers?

Which Nerds flavor do you like best?

How many stars would you give Twizzlers?

Thumbs up or thumbs down for Airheads?

Which candy bar do you like most?

Do you prefer gummy bears or gummy worms?

Do you like candy corn?

How many Hershey's Kisses could you eat in one sitting?

What candy would you buy when you want something chewy?

Which PopRocks flavor do you like most?

Which crunchy candy would you prefer?

Do you like jelly beans or gumdrops more?

Which peanut butter candy most suits your fancy?

Have you ever had Mary Janes?

Would you rather chew Dubble Bubble or Chiclets?

What are your thoughts on JuJubes?

Would you sport a RingPop?

Which Now & Later flavor did you like most as a kid?

Are you a fan of Circus Peanuts?

Do you prefer Lemonheads or Mike & Ike's?

Which Tootsie Roll Pop flavor do you like least?

Which Jolly Rancher flavor do you wish you could buy alone?

Do you remember Sno-Caps?

Do you prefer regular SweeTarts or the chewy version?

Do you like Boston Baked Beans?

Could you eat a giant Cow Tale?

Do you prefer Caramel Bullseyes or Werther's Originals?

Would you share a Twix with anyone?

Which candy would you prefer to receive for Valentine's Day?

Do you enjoy Candy Buttons?

Which saltwater taffy flavor makes you want more?

Can you eat a whole box of Hot Tamales?

What do you think of Sour Patch Kids?

Do you think mango is the best kind of FunDip?

Would you buy Peeps all year 'round?

Do you like regular or rainbow candy canes more?

Would you like to learn to make fudge?

Do you like the taste of root beer barrels?

How long would it take you to eat a Jumbo Push Pop?

Can you make it through an Atomic Fireball?

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About This Quiz

When your sweet tooth takes over your willpower, which candies do you pick up at the convenience store? During this candy quiz, you'll get the chance to pick all your favorites and a few more. This virtual candy shop has everything you could ever want, and it can tell you which U.S. region you should really be living in. 

From the Necco factories of New England to the salt water taffy stands along America's shores, there's no short supply of candies to choose from. We will not necessarily base your regional destiny on the candies you want, though. A whole lot of it will depend on the sweets you choose when you are in a certain mood. 

Sometimes, your sweet tooth begs for Sour Patch Kids; other times, it screams for caramel cubes. It's the way you follow your palate's instincts that will lead us to your ideal region of the United States. Although many of the candies you see might be sugarcoated, we don't want you to hold anything back. If something sounds good or it would satisfy a craving, pick it! 

Once you've worked your way through our sweet and syrupy questions, we'll let you know where you should live!

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