Pick Your Favorite Half of These Food Duos and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

Ian Fortey

It's time for breakfast and we're having the classic pairing of bacon and eggs! Which is your fave?

When you're in a hurry you might just need coffee and a donut. Which one is the better half?

A grilled cheese sandwich is delicious, but pair it with tomato soup and you have perfection. Which half is the one for you?

If you don't want your cheese grilled, maybe you need it with some ham. How's a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich sound?

The most ultimate sandwich of all time. Peanut butter and jelly. Choose your side!

Hit up most any fast food joint and they'll sell you a burger and fries. Which one is king?

This one seems simple yet is incredibly complex. Do you choose salt or pepper?

Anything made with apples gets a little bit better when cinnamon is included. Which of the two is better?

You like spaghetti and meatballs, right? Which part is the best part?

If you have a sweet tooth, there's a good chance you love some chocolate and peanut butter. Which half is superior?

Curveball time. You have to pick either liver or onions.

Tortilla chips need salsa and that's a fact. But which one is the best all by itself?

If you're looking for some classical Italian flavor, you want tomato and basil. Which one is the best of the two?

If you're headed down south you might nab yourself some biscuits and gravy. Which half of that is best?

Do you like the chicken or the waffle?

Speaking of soul food, are you into the shrimp or the grits?

Milk and cookies are perfect together. Which is best on its own?

Know how to make a root beer float? Just root beer and vanilla ice cream. Which half is the best?

Pick the condiment king! Ketchup or mustard?

On the one hand, you have the mac and on the other there's cheese. Which makes your day?

If you need a good dessert you can pair mint and chocolate. Which is the best on its own?

Let's break down a Sprite. Do you like the lemon or the lime?

Do you prefer the peaches or the cream?

Steak and mushrooms are a steakhouse favorite. Which one do you like better?

Pork chops or apple sauce?

Would you like some oatmeal or some raisins?

Here's a simple one: cheese or crackers?

What if we swap the crackers and make it wine and cheese?

If you're going all-out for dessert, you're having pie and ice cream. But what if you only get one?

Veggie time! You want your peas or your carrots?

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About This Quiz

There are two ways you can eat food in life--eat to live or live to eat. When you have the option to eat whatever you like whenever you like, then you get to explore some of the more delightful and intense options the culinary world has to offer. You can match up flavors to contrast and compliment one another and create entirely new taste experiences. It's pretty awesome. After all, who doesn't love some classic food pairings like a burger and fries? Ham and eggs? Tomato and basil? Chicken and waffles? There's nearly an endless list of pairs you can make that will take any one of the lone ingredients to delicious new heights as part of a pair. In a way, it's kind of like any relationship. On your own, you're pretty awesome, but when you find the right person to be your partner in life, the two of you are just so much better. You work well together, you support and push each other to bigger and better things. In a way, you become the PB to that person's J, if it's the right person.

Why not take a few minutes to run down some of the best food duos with us and pick the better half of each. We'll use that info to figure out your relationship status. Take the quiz and see!

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