Quiz: Pick Your Favorite Movies and We'll Tell You What State You Should Live In
Pick Your Favorite Movies and We'll Tell You What State You Should Live In
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

The movies you enjoy watching the most can give away more about you and your life than you even want to know! Don't worry; we won't track you down and turn your life into a horror film or anything! Instead, hearing about your tastes in movies will tell us the state you should live in. Will it be the state you had in mind, or will it be somewhere completely different? 

As you go through the what state should you live in the quiz, we'll cover a lot of movie genres, actors and actresses, and the movies you remember from your childhood. As soon as we feel like we know your movie tastes better than the Netflix recommended for you section, we will reveal the state and the reasons that you should live there! Whether you prefer action/adventure to romantic comedy will go a long way in finding the perfect state for you to reside. Will you belong near the ocean, or will you be best suited to live in mountain country? 

Share your favorite actors and actresses, and let us know how you feel about sequels. We are confident we'll be able to tell you which way to point the moving truck! Are you ready to find out? 

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