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What do you know about Italy's national dish? If you said everything, you're already wrong because nobody calls it Italy's national dish. Grab a slice and give a salut while you test your pie wisdom.

What's the most appropriate time to celebrate pizza?

Celebrate pizza every day. But since October is National Pizza Month, you should probably up your order as fall comes in.


What animal was milked for early mozzarella cheese?

Sometimes cows' milk mozzarella is incorrectly referred to as "buffalo mozzarella," but don't be fooled: Real buffalo mozzarella comes from our lactating pal -- and mozzarella originator -- the water buffalo.


Pizza places touted as "Ray's" are ubiquitous in New York City. What was the name of the original "Ray's" owner?

While many "Ray's" pizza joints dot the New York streets, it was Ralph Cuomo who opened the famous original one. But don't confuse that for "The Famous Original Ray's," which was actually the name of the second Ray's joint.


What pizza company is the most widely successful in the United States?

If time travelling into the past, remember to buy up some shares of Pizza Hut stock. They're the biggest pizza company in the U.S., earning $12 billion in annual sales.


Who invented pizza?

The Greeks invented pizza -- or, at least, they came up with the whole "flat bread/toppings" idea.


What pizza topping carries a poisonous legend?

Tomatoes only came to Italy from the Americas, and some say Italians finally started topping their flatbread pizza with it only after making good and sure the juicy fruit wouldn’t kill them. (Although many dispute they were ever that worried about it.)


What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle told the pizza delivery man, "You put anchovies on this thing and you're in BIG TROUBLE, OK?"

It's fun and wacky Michelangelo who loves his pizza but hates his anchovies. Cowabunga, etc., and so on.


What can a regular pizza tin do for you (besides serve you piping hot pie)?

Sounds crazy, but securing pizza pie tins to your car's wheels will help counteract the drag that comes with most wheel designs. The other two things might be true, too, so feel free to give yourself a half-point if you'd like.


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled that this "shouldn't be called pizza" in 2014.

New York native Scalia wasn't having none of that "Chicago-style" nonsense when he said it was "very tasty" but not -- according to the letter of the law -- pizza.


Whose name was given to a standard tomato, basil and mozzarella pizza?

Mimicking the Italian flag, pizza Margherita was named for the Italian royalty who couldn't get enough of the pie.


When did pizza really take off in the U.S.?

After World War II, U.S. soldiers came home from Italy craving the stuff -- and a market was born.


What does the most expensive pie in the world NOT include?

Don't worry, your pie still comes with smoked salmon and tiger prawns to make it worth that -- gulp -- $450 price tag. I can make you one for $300, though, if you're in the market.


How are researchers finding ways to make pizza healthier?

Scientists found that baking whole wheat dough hotter and longer will increase antioxidant levels in pizza. Unfortunately, you might be stuck with a charred pie.


What is NOT an effective tool for getting rid of old pizza boxes?

While it's likely possible to, say, make some sort of decorative frame out of a pizza box, you should probably ditch the idea of trying to pawn it off on friends and family. Feel free to use an old pizza box to create a litter box or shape some cement, though.


When making pizza, what does "proofing" refer to?

After your dough is mixed, you'll want to proof it at room temperature until it doubles in size.


We already learned the Greeks invented the pizza precursor. What other popular pizza tradition did a Greek person bring us?

It was a Canadian-Greek pie maker in the 1960s who brought us the ham-and-pineapple pizza -- and started a unique-topping trend.


What pizza idea was so good that someone patented it in 1987?

While the craze didn't take off until the mid-90s, Anthony Mongiello was the visionary who patented cheese-stuffed crust pizza in the 1980s.


What famous pizza name is responsible for the popularity of frozen pizza?

Rose Totino began producing frozen pizzas in 1962 -- the first successful attempt to do so.


What is the most popular pizza topping in America?

There's no getting around it: The U.S. loves their pepperoni, and orders it on 36 percent of all pies sold.


Sure, pepperoni is popular in the United States, but what can you get in a Japanese Pizza Hut?

Tuna might not be a traditional American topping, but hey -- don't knock it till you try it.


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