Place These '80s Movies in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess How Old You Are

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Cinemarque Entertainment

About This Quiz

The eighties are remembered for lots of things. In fact, if we were to write a list right now, it'd probably go past 100. But in the top ten, we'd hope, at least, were the movies. And because we love a walk down memory lane, we want you to reminisce a little. 

It doesn't matter if you haven't seen the entire movie or even a fraction - because chances are you saw the reboot or the rest of the movies in the franchise. We just want you to rate a good few movies that rocked or crashed the '80s. We aren't asking you to do a typical kind of rating, however. We're simplifying this the best way we know how, by asking you to place these movies either into heaven or hell. 

Once you've done that to all of the movies, we're going to analyze which movies you think sucked and deserve to burn in hell and the ones you love and think are worthy enough to enter heaven, then make an educated guess as to how old you are. We just know we'll be spot on - the question is, are you ready to tell us whether the (original) "Ghostbusters" will be fighting demons as well as ghosts, or if they'll be chopping it up with the angels. 

Where does "Flashdance" belong?

Which place works best for "Friday the 13th"?

Where does "Desperately Seeking Susan" belong?

What about "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?

Where would you put "The Shining"?

Where do you think "Sixteen Candles" should go?

Can you place "Say Anything" in heaven or hell, please?

Show us where you'd put "Driving Miss Daisy."

Where should "Stand by Me" go?

And where would you place "Poltergeist"?

In which of these places would you put "The Goonies"?

What do you think about "National Lampoon's Vacation"?

Where are you going with for "Caddyshack"?

What's your opinion of "The Karate Kid"?

Where does "A Nightmare on Elm Street" belong?

Where does "Footloose" belong?

In which place should "Tootsie" go?

Where does "The Breakfast Club" belong?

What about "Dirty Dancing"?

Where would you put "The Princess Bride"?

Where do you think "Beetlejuice" should go?

Can you place "Back to the Future" in heaven or hell for us, please?

Tell us where you'd put "Top Gun."

Where should "Pretty in Pink" go?

"Coming to America" belongs where?

In which of these places would you put "Heathers"?

What do you think about "Ghostbusters"?

Where are you going with for "The Outsiders"?

What's your opinion of "Die Hard"?

And "The Terminator" should go where?

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