Place These U.S. Cities in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess What Region of the Country You're From

Zoe Samuel

Let's get windy! Would you put Chicago in Heaven or Hell?

Dude ... Would you, like, place Los Angeles in Heaven or Hell?

Brr! Does Portland, Maine belong among the clouds or in the abyss?

Be honest. Would you say Miami is already in Hell, or does it belong in Heaven?

Does Phoenix rise from its ashes to go to Heaven or burn in Hell?

Put on your biggest hat! Would you put Dallas in Heaven or Hell?

Move on up to Motown! Does Detroit belong with the angels or the demons?

Open up to Frasier Crane recently? Where would you place Seattle?

Strap on your bluest collar. Where does Elizabeth, New Jersey rank: Heaven or Hell?

How would you describe Cincinnati: heavenly or hellish?

Roll the dice! Does what happens in Las Vegas qualify for Heaven, or is it on the highway to Hell?

Gird your wallet! Can San Francisco afford a spot in Heaven, or will The Big One open a pit into Hell?

Have a mint julep. Does Louisville slug its way into Heaven or race in to Hell?

Time to get a mile high! Is Denver high enough to reach Heaven, or do its vices earn it a spot in Hell?

Zoom! Does Indianapolis see the checkered flag in Heaven, or spin out into Hell?

Study up! Does college town Boston earn Heavenly honors, or are the Patriots a deal with The Devil?

Get your Geiger counter ready! Does Los Alamos, New Mexico have a place in the good place, or has it "become death, the destroyer of worlds"?

Surf's up! Is Lahaina, Hawaii, Heaven on Earth, or just one eruption away from the Gates of Hell?

Move it, buddy! Is New York City never sleeping among the angels, or sleeping with the fishes?

Hear that silence? I know, right? Does Jackson Hole earn a spot in Heaven, or does the tax haven belong in Hell?

Anchors aweigh! Does Anchorage belong in the chilly air of Heaven, or does Hell freeze over with its addition?

Look to the west! Does Salt Lake City earn its own planet, or burn for all eternity?

When it comes to Billings, Montana, does Heaven fit the bill, or is it going to Hell when the bill comes due?

Between Red Sox Nation and The Yankees' Empire sits New Haven, Connecticut. Do you send it to Heaven or to Hell?

Who doesn't like a swamp? Does Washington D.C. belong in Heaven, or should it shuffle off to Hell?

Is Vicksburg, Mississippi civil enough for Heaven or riding the river to Hell?

When it comes to getting into Heaven, does Nashville sing the right song, or does it find itself singing the blues on the way to the inferno?

Party time! Does New Orleans get into Heaven under the Napoleonic Code, or is it partying its way into Hell?

Does Omaha's oracle predict it goes to Heaven, or will it go to Hell when it changes management?

Stay weird! Is Portland, Oregon weird enough to get into Heaven, or so weird it has to go to Hell?

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About This Quiz

The place you called home growing up has a huge influence on how you feel about how things should be. If you have a good childhood, you might think that the home you grew up in is the only kind of home you could imagine raising a child inside of. 

You might think the sport  you grew up cheering for is the only kind of sport anyone should bother following. You might think the local culture of your hometown is the only culture worth embracing, the weather extremes of your hometown the only weather ones worth enduring, etc. etc. etc. At least, this is what we are betting is true. You see, we put together this quiz in which you will rank cities as either heavenly or hellish, and we think we can learn something from that.

We found that people from certain parts of the country tend to favor certain cities from other parts more than others, and sometimes they have very strong opinions on neighboring cities to their hometown, rivalries being what they are. We did a regression analysis and figured that if we cut up the country into a few specialized regions, we can peg your home region with a high degree of accuracy. Do you think that's impossible? Then take the quiz and be amazed.

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